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  Nowadays, with the popularization of private cars, garage door is also widely used. In garage door installation cases, electric rolling curtain door and turning door are more popular with consumers. Which of these two products is more suitable for garage? Let's get to know the top door business. We will give you some explanations from the following points, hoping to be helpful to you.


  Electric curtain door is an upgraded product of ordinary curtain door. It has a variety of appearance and good decoration. It can satisfy the aesthetic vision of consumers. Its use will not only occupy your space, but also provide space utilization. Electric curtain door uses silicon, magnesium and aluminium alloy material with special technology, which has stable performance, strong and durable, comprehensive performance far higher than other similar products, not only high strength but also light weight.


  And the turning door opens vertically upward, and then is installed under the ceiling. It can provide a large channel width and sealability. It is also good for use.


  Through the above two points, it is not difficult to see that whether they are electric curtain doors or flip doors, they can be said to have their own merits, consumers can choose and buy according to their actual situation.



  The manufacturer of rolling shutter door should take the promotion channel to increase market share, increase sales volume by market share, and promote the chain marketing mode of brand by sales volume. The weak competitiveness of enterprises is a major problem affecting the development of enterprises. At present, the door industry market is in a period of rapid development, the number of brands is increasing sharply. It is very common for a terminal store to operate multiple brands. Affected by the reduction of export rebate rate, some manufacturers who export are forced to sell in domestic market. This part of the enterprises have strong strength, high proportion of human and financial resources invested in marketing, strong strength, marketing strategies and plans. Grand, this has intensified the market competition, to some small and medium-sized enterprises have brought greater pressure, for this competition, small and medium-sized enterprises are difficult to deal with.


  Because of the limitation of salary treatment and development space, it is very difficult for small enterprises to retain talents. After all, the core of competition is talent competition. Moreover, the management system is not perfect and the ability of self-research and development is not strong. Most of them are plagiarism, including the choice of structure and style, material, etc. Traditional fetching doctrine, processing or producing old products according to customer drawings, can not make use of the new products they have developed. Products to achieve high profits. These factors all reduce the core competitiveness of enterprises.


  Another bottleneck restricting the development of manufacturers is the lack of uniform specifications and sizes, which makes it impossible to produce in batches, to plan production, to prepare goods in advance, but only to implement order-based production, affecting sales performance, while increasing the pressure on the staffing of production departments.


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