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1. Properly balance the electric Garage door
In order for your Garage door to operate safely and normally, it must be balanced. If you see the panel of your Garage door begins to crack, or you can tell your opener struggles in the process of opening and closing, your Garage door may not be properly balanced. The unbalanced door will cause the internal parts of the opener to wear faster than normal, and then will fail (freeze or break), which may cause you to replace the entire opener, and of course, rebalance the Garage door! Don't wait for the door opener to malfunction; Keep your Garage door balanced. It's much cheaper to proactively handle small things before you finally tackle bigger problems.
2. Preventive maintenance of electric Garage door system
Every quarter, car owners should arrange Preventive maintenance for their Garage door and opener. When the Garage door bumps up and down, the small creaking, creaking, scraping and creaking you hear are all friction, which brings extra wear to the Garage door opening system. These minor issues ultimately lead to the same replacement situation as above, so we still need to replace it. Let Garage door professionals spend 30-45 minutes on your Garage door system every 3 months to extend the service life of the system. Although Garage door professionals are carrying out Preventive maintenance, they will carry out an overall inspection of your system, at the same time apply lubricating oil, tighten the cables, and screw and bolt all the cables together. Do you know that screws and bolts become loose during daytime and seasonal temperature fluctuations? Service personnel are required to oil the chains, hinges, rollers, rollers, and T-shaped guide rails, and inspect all unlikely details or discover any impact on the system. You want professionals to do this; This is about safety and preventing more expensive repairs or replacements of your Garage door system.
3. Professional electric Garage door system inspection
There are at least two seasons in a year, spring and autumn, let Garage door professionals check your system, carry out Preventive maintenance, and tighten all bolts and screws. I know this sounds simple, but ignoring it when the season changes will open your Garage door system until it is potentially damaged, because this is when the moving parts start to separate. The door is heavy, and the springs and cables are under high tension. When these components fail, they will be forcibly separated and cause serious damage to you, tourists, property in your home, and/or garage. Preventive maintenance can help you avoid many unnecessary Garage door and opener problems, and extend the service life of the opening system.
4.电动门 opener设置检查
4. Electric door opener setting check
Do not set the "closing force" of the Garage door opener to the maximum, which will basically force the Garage door to close. This can seriously harm children. Especially when children, animals or objects are trapped under the door when forced to close the door, it will not only damage the objects under the door, but also damage the Garage door.
The above are some things we should pay special attention to when using the electric Garage door, which can help extend the service life of the garage door.
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